Simran is a senior fellow at the Oakland Institute in Oakland, USA, researching and reporting on food justice and ways to forge a resilient, just food system. She is a summer professor of communications at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy, and visiting faculty at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy, and has lectured on communications in the Master of Food Studies program at Chatham University and Master of Arts in Science Writing program at Johns Hopkins University. She has spoken on five continents at events including the Global Landscapes Forum, WOMAD, Terra Madre, the Clinton Global Initiative, the World Cocoa Conference and the Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

Simran has lectured on writing, chocolate, agricultural biodiversity, environmentalism and sustainability at institutions including Cornell University, the Commonwealth Club, the Sydney Opera House, the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and Smith College (which awarded her the 2009 Smith College Medal). A full list of presentations can be found here. Praise here.

“In our current socio-political environment—cluttered with too much information, tainted by fake news, and compromised by faulty values—Simran Sethi cuts through the noise with her clear, smart, passionate and engaging voice. Drawing on her personal experience, uncompromising journalism, sharp analysis, and gifted storytelling, Sethi brings a rare and welcome combination of interests and skills to the world of food.”
—Mitchell Davis, Chief Strategy Officer, the James Beard Foundation 


Endangered Foods: The Loss of Biodiversity in Food and Agriculture
The Green Brain: Psychological Barriers to Social and Environmental Engagement
Women’s Role in Food, Agriculture and Sustainability
Sensory Exploration in Eating: Taste, Touch, Smell, Sight, Sound


James Beard Foundation Food Conference - Simran Sethi

Presenter, James Beard Foundation Food Conference (New York City, NY, October 2012)

TEDxManhattan - Simran Sethi

Presenter, TEDx Manhattan (New York City, NY, February 2013)

Queen’s College - Simran Sethi

Presenter, Queen’s College (Melbourne, Australia, October 2013)

Commonwealth Club - Simran Sethi

Speaker, The Commonwealth Club (San Francisco, CA, October 2016)

Awakening Our Democracy, Columbia University - Simran Sethi

Moderator, Columbia University (New York, NY, February 2016)