Simran is a fellow at the Institute for Food and Development Policy (Food First) in Oakland, USA, and a professor of communications at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy. She has spoken on five continents at events including the World Cocoa Conference, the Clinton Global Initiative, TEDxCibeles, The James Beard Foundation Food Conference, the Sustainable Foods Summit, the Food Tank Summit, the Festival of Ideas and the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, the California and Pennsylvania Women’s Conferences, and the Global Landscapes Forums in both Indonesia and Peru.

She has lectured on writing, chocolate, agricultural biodiversity, environmentalism and sustainability at institutions including Harvard University, Columbia University, Cornell University, the Iowa Writers Workshop, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the New York Open Center and Smith College (which awarded her the 2009 Smith College Medal).

Keynote, American Cheese Society Conference (Pittsburgh, PA, July 2018)
Keynote on cheese and culture at the American Cheese Society Conference “Forged in Cheese,” and panel with Gordon Edgar, Francis Percival and Bronwen Percival on real cheese and the fight for biodiversity in food.

Keynote, Tastes of the World Chef Culinary Conference (Amherst, MA, June 2018)
Keynote on “Food Forward: Embracing the changing landscape of food” at the University of Massachusetts.

Special Guest, Social Cohesion Days (Reggio Emilia, Italy, May 2018)
Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love presentation and “Civil Society as a Manifesto of Social Cohesion” dialogue special guest.

Presenter, School of Artisan Food (Nottinghamshire, UK, May 2018)
Presentation on chocolate and social change at Food for Thought 2018.

Presenter, Dublin Institute of Technology School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology (Dublin, Ireland, May 2018)
Presentation on “Tasting Terroir: Discovering the Story—and Flavour—Behind Chocolate.”

Presenter, London Gastronomy Seminar (Prufrock, UK, May 2018)
“The Craft Chocolate Revolution” tasting and presentation with Cocoa Runners co-founder Spencer Hyman.

Moderator, World Cocoa Conference (Berlin, Germany, April 2018)
Moderator for panel “Sustainable Production, Prosperous Farmers and Thriving Communities.”

Presenter, Cascadia College (Bothell, WA, April 2018)
“Save by Savoring – How chocolate can be a vehicle for social change” presentation and guided tasting.

Keynote, Camera della Moda (Milan, Italy, March 2018)
“Inspiration from the Outside: Re-envisioning Our Second Skin” keynote and dialogue on “From Line to Circle: Creating a Resilient, Regenerative Fashion Industry.”

Panelist, International Food Policy Research Institute (Washington, DC, March 2018)
Panelist during IFPRI book launch of The Cocoa Coast: The Board-managed cocoa sector in Ghana with author Shashidhara Kolavalli; Bill Guyton, founder of Guyton Strategies International; ​and ​Ghanaian ambassador, His Excellency Dr. Barfuor Adjei-Barwuah. Watch here.

Speaker, West End Mill Works (Winston-Salem, NC, March 2018)
Community reading and chocolate tasting with Camino Bakery, Brasstown Craft Chocolate and Escazu Artisan Chocolates.

Presenter, International Food Journalism Festival (Torino, Italy, February 2018)
Presentation that explained the impacts of climate change on cocoa farmers and how journalists should and shouldn’t report on this issue.

Presenter, Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC, February 2018)
“Save by Savoring: Chocolate as a Vehicle for Social Change” presentation and guided chocolate tasting at the ZSR Auditorium.

Speaker, Slow Food’s Cheese 2017 (Bra, Italy, September 2017)
Presentation at “Raw in the USA” on how United States raw milk cheese producers have created a movement with a decennial history. Presentation at “Il latte dei migranti (Migrants’ milk)” on how migrant flows are redrawing the social fabric of the Italian countryside by coming from abroad to work with milk cows.

Presenter, Slow Food Nations (Denver, CO, July 2017)
“Save by Savoring: Exploring the Terroir of Chocolate” presentation at Denver Union Station and “Like Water and Chocolate: A Future of Abundance” presentation at WeWork Union Station.

Presenter, Hinman’s Bakery (Denver, CO, July 2017)
“Cheese, Chocolate & Ciabatta” presentation and tasting with cheese expert Gordon Edgar.

Presenter, The Preservery (Denver, CO, July 2017)
Chocolate tasting and presentation.

Presenter, Grani Futuri at Convento di San Matteo (Puglia, Italy, June 2017)
Presentation of Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love.

Presenter, Food for Thought Book Club (Coeur d’Alene, ID, June 2017) 
Virtual book club presentation for the Inland Northwest Food Network’s Food for Thought Book Club.

Presenter, Zingtrain (Ann Arbor, MI, June 2017)
Presentation “On Engagement.” Listen here.

Speaker, Zingerman’s Deli (Ann Arbor, MI, June 2017)
Staff chocolate tasting and reading of Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love.

Presenter, Camp Bacon (Ann Arbor, MI, June 2017)
Presentation on “Good Pig, Bad Pig: The Impacts of Pig Farming in North Carolina.”

Presenter, Book tour for Italian release of Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love (Italy, May 2017)
Presentations and book readings from May 16 through May 25 at Literary Tuesdays at Casinò di Sanremo (Sanremo); Libreria Ubik (Savona); University of Gastronomic Sciences (Pollenzo, CN); Libreria all’Arco (Reggio Emilia); Slow Food Editore’s party at Salone del Libro (Turin); Salone del Libro with Carlo Petrini and Stefano Liberti (Turin); Biodiversity Day: Talk with Oscar Farinetti at Eataly Smeraldo (Milan); Mondadori Megastore (Milan); Lab 174 (Rome); and Libreria Ubik (Frosinone).

Presenter, Smith College Club of Colorado (Denver, CO, May 2017)
“An Afternoon of Bread and Chocolate” at Hinman’s Bakery.

Speaker, Smithsonian Earth Optimism Summit (Washington, DC, April 2017)
Presentation on “The Wild Table: Saving Foods by Savoring.

Presenter, The Tattered Cover (in Historic LoDo) (Denver, CO, March 2017)
Bread, Wine, Chocolate reading and chocolate tasting.

Presenter, Laws Whiskey (Denver, CO, February 2017)
Presentation on “Whiskey & Chocolate: A sensory exploration of diverse grains and cacao” with whiskey and chocolate tasting.

Presenter, Lawrence Public Library (Lawrence, KS, December 2016)
Public discussion of chocolate, cocoa and cacao with an exploration of the flavors in single origin Askinosie sipping chocolate from San Jose Del Tambo, Ecuador.

Guest Lecturer, University of the Sciences (Philadelphia, PA, December 2016)
Virtual lecture on issues of biodiversity and sustainability for Dr. Gorski’s Applied Microbiology course, which uses Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love as a required textbook.

Speaker, Slow Food Southern Arizona (Tucson, AZ, December 2016)
Virtual presentation for “Reading at the Table” reading group and discussion of Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love.

Speaker, Chatham University (Pittsburgh, PA, December 2016)
Talk entitled “On the Emotional Geography of Biodiversity” for The Falk School of Sustainability 2016 Speaker Series at Eden Hall Campus.

Keynote, Northwest Chocolate Festival (Seattle, WA, November 2016)
Presented on “The Art of Food Writing” and how to embark your own recorded exploration of that which nourishes, inspires, sates, delights and feeds our many hungers.

Presenter, Northwest Chocolate Festival (Seattle, WA, November 2016)
“The Slow Melt: How to Savor Chocolate” presentation including a protracted tasting as a means of understanding how flavor manifests, allowing participants to develop a new intimacy with chocolate and a deeper understanding of the factors that influence and inform their tasting experience.

Speaker, University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada, November 2016)
“Saving by Savoring: The Delicious Reclamation of Foods We Love” talk at the UBC Reads Sustainability program as part of the UBC Future of Food Global Dialogue Series. Watch the talk here.

Presenter, Finger Lakes Cider House (Interlaken, NY, October 2016)
“How do you tell your own stories?” community writing circle with cider and bread tasting at Good Life Farm.

Moderator, Firelight Camps (Interlaken, NY, October 2016)
“How to plan your food journey” guided fireside chat.

Speaker, Cornell University (Ithaca, NY, October 2016)
Talk on “Bread, Wine, Chocolate: Saving and Savoring Our Favorite Endangered Foods” with tasting of local apple cider and shrub.

Presenter, The James Beard Foundation Food Conference (New York, NY, October 2016)
Presentation on “Where Trend Meets Transformation” at the 2016 JBF Food Conference, Now Trending: The Making of a Food Movement. Watch the presentation here.

Speaker, The Commonwealth Club (San Francisco, CA, October 2016)
Bread, Wine, Chocolate presentation on how climate change is impacting our favorite foods at the “Bread, Wine and Chocolate in a Warming World” Climate One event with Jonathan Foley, executive director of the California Academy of Sciences, and Helene York of Google Food. Watch a clip of Simran’s presentation here and listen to a recording of the event here.

Writer in Residence, La Pitchoune, Julia Child’s Summer Home (Provence, France, October 2016)
Moderator and consulting writer during food writers’ retreat at “La Peetch.” Hosted by CookNScribble, a program of One Big Table.

Presenter, The Raven Book Store (Lawrence, KS, August 2016)
Bread, Wine, Chocolate reading and chocolate tasting.

Speaker, Atlanta Food & Wine Festival (Atlanta, GA, June 2016)
Presentation on “Saving Foods by Savoring Them” with Ben Rasmussen of Potomac Chocolate.

Presenter, Pennsylvania State College (State College, PA, June 2016)
“Savoring to Save” guided tasting and deep exploration of cacao from Ecuador, and talk on the importance of ex situ and in situ conservation, during Pennsylvania State College Frontiers in Science and Technology for Cacao Quality, Productivity and Sustainability conference.

Moderator, World Cocoa Conference (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, May 2016)
Moderator for panels “Stimulating Innovation in Cocoa Post-harvesting Methods for Quality Chocolate” and “The Future of Chocolate in a Challenging Economic Environment.”

Moderator, Solidaridad Women in Cocoa and Chocolate Networking Event (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, May 2016)
Moderator during event coordinated by Solidaridad during the World Cocoa Conference.

Speaker, Declaration Brewing (Denver, CO, May 2016)
Women for Delicious Beer reading and beer tasting.

Speaker, Denver Museum of Nature & Science (Denver, CO, May 2016)
Book reading/signing and tasting with Ritual Chocolate in conjunction with Chocolate: The Exhibition.

Presenter, The Carriage House (Tucson, AZ, May 2016)
“To Savor and Save” reading and tasting hosted by Edible Baja Arizona.

Speaker, Iowa Writers’ Workshop (Iowa City, IA, April 2016)
Presentation on “Telling Stories of Science” at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa.

Facilitator/moderator, University of Iowa Tippie College of Business (Iowa City, IA, April 2016)
Moderator for panel discussion “Hog Farming, Sustainability and a Tale of Delicious Bacon,” featuring Paul Willis and David Osterberg.

Speaker, Prairie Lights Bookstore (Iowa City, IA, April 2016)
Book reading and chocolate tasting for “Live From Prairie Lights.”

Moderator, 2016 Food Tank Summit (Washington, DC, April 2016)
Moderator for panel “Nourishing the Planet” at American University.

Speaker, i Ricchi (Washington, DC, April 2016)
Bread, Wine, Chocolate reading and and tasting with Potomac Chocolate

Presenter, Glynwood (Cold Spring, NY, April 2016)
Presentation on “Savoring to Save” and Fruition Chocolate tasting.

Speaker, Food Tank (virtual, April 2016)
Featured webinar presentation on “Saving by Savoring: The Delicious Reclamation of Foods We Love.” Watch the presentation here.

Keynote, 7th Annual Chefs Collaborative Summit (New York, NY, April 2016)
Presentation on “Endangered Pleasure: Savor to Save,” about the loss of agrobiodiversity and saving foods by eating them. Listen to her presentation here.

Presenter, 92Y Chocolate Fest (New York, NY, April 2016)
Book signing and tasting with Alexandra Leaf.

Presenter, Aeronaut Brewing (Somerville, MA, April 2016)
Bread, Wine, Chocolate reading and beer tasting. Watch her presentation here.

Speaker, Harvard University COOP (Cambridge, MA, April 2016)
Book reading and Somerville Chocolate tasting with Eric Parkes, sponsored by the Food Literacy Project.

Speaker, New York Open Center (New York, NY, April 2016)
Bread, Wine, Chocolate book reading and chocolate tasting featuring Domori chocolate.

Presenter, Chefs Collaborative (virtual, March 2016)
“Saving Fish by Eating Them” Chef Power Hour presentation with chefs Bun Lai and Michael Leviton, Seafood Watch’s Sheila Bowman and Environmental Defense Fund’s Roxanne Nanninga.

Presenter, Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte (Charlotte, NC, March 2016)
“Feast on Your Life” service presentation with Reverend Jay Leach.

Presenter, JUSTUS Kitchen (Berkeley, CA, March 2016)
Presentation about Bread, Wine, Chocolate at Soil to Soul Supper at Guerilla Cafe.

Speaker, Arlequin Wine Merchant (San Francisco, CA, March 2016)
Bread, Wine, Chocolate book signing and Trousseau Gris wine tasting.

Speaker, Healdsburg SHED (Healdsburg, CA, March 2016)
Presentation at from grower to maker wine event featuring  Peter Fanucchi and Caleb Taft.

Speaker, G3 Connects (Sonoma, CA, March 2016)
Presentation at women’s conference dedicated to mind, body and soul titled “Feast on Your Life.”

Speaker, Scuppernong Books (Greensboro, NC, February 2016)
Book Q&A with Deonna Kelli and tasting of NC chocolates.

Moderator, Columbia University (New York, NY, February 2016)
Moderated Columbia University’s Awakening Our Democracy panel “Food Access, Security and Justice.” Watch the panel here.

Presenter, Foothills Brewing (Winston-Salem, NC, February 2016)
Presentation at February Beer School.

Speaker, Smith College Club of Washington, D.C. (Washington, DC, January 2016) 
Presentation on Bread, Wine, Chocolate that included a guided Domori chocolate tasting.

Keynote, National Council for Science and Environment Annual Conference (Washington, DC, January 2016)
Keynote for the National Council for Science and Environment’s annual conference, in which Simran addressed our green brains and the loss of agricultural biodiversity.

Speaker, Malaprop’s Bookstore (Asheville, NC, January 2016) 
Simran read an excerpt from Bread, Wine, Chocolate and led a bread tasting with David Marshall, Jennifer Lapidus, Tara Jensen and David Bauer.

Speaker, French Broad Chocolates (Asheville, NC, January 2016) 
Presentation on Bread, Wine, Chocolate that included a guided chocolate tasting with Clay Gordon.

Speaker, Temple Emanuel (Winston-Salem, NC, January 2016) 
Simran read an excerpt from Bread, Wine, Chocolate at Temple Emanuel, an event sponsored by the Forsyth County Public Library.

Speaker, Park Road Books (Charlotte, NC, January 2016) 
Simran read an excerpt from Bread, Wine, Chocolate.

Speaker, Johnson & Wales University (Charlotte, NC, January 2016) 
Visit to Johnson & Wales University with bread expert Peter Reinhart.

Speaker, KU Biodiversity Institute (Lawrence, KS, December 2015) 
Presentation on Bread, Wine, Chocolate at an event hosted by the KU Biodiversity Institute at the University of Kansas that featured local foods and beverages.

Speaker, Chatham University (Pittsburgh, PA, December 2015) 
Presentation on Bread, Wine, Chocolate that included a guided tasting for the Falk School of Sustainability.

Speaker, East End Book Exchange (Pittsburgh, PA, December 2015) 
Simran read an excerpt from Bread, Wine, Chocolate.

Speaker, Union Square Greenmarket (New York, NY, November 2015) 
Simran read an excerpt from Bread, Wine, Chocolate and led a bread tasting at the Union Square Greenmarket.

Speaker, Makers Series at The Center for Discovery: Insights with Simran Sethi (Hurleyville, NY, June 2015)
Shared insights on how we come together to save the foods we love. This included a preview of Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love.

Speaker, In-conversation with oceanographer Sylvia A. Earle and eco-hero Simran Sethi (Adelaide, Australia, March 2015)
Following their involvement in WOMADelaide’s Planet Talks series, hear these two environmental champions discuss their passion and dedication to a sustainable world at the Hawke Centre at the University of South Australia. Watch the discussion here.

Speaker, The Planet Talks, WOMAD Festival (Adelaide, Australia, March 2015)
Simran Sethi and Sylvia Earle are two of the world’s most inspiring environmental messengers. Their mission is both clear and hopeful – to inspire us all to take responsibility for, and play a role in creating a better future for the earth for all generations to come. Listen to two of the world’s eco-heroes discuss their hopes and dreams for the planet. Watch the conversation here.

Speaker, All About Women: “How to Save the Planet” (Sydney, Australia, March 2015)
Legendary American marine biologist Sylvia Earle spoke with journalist and educator Simran Sethi at the Sydney Opera House about the environmental crises looming ahead, from the bottom of the oceans to the topsoil, and how to inspire people to get stuff done. Watch the discussion here, and watch Simran’s response to ABC Arts Online’s question “Are we enlightened yet?”

Presenter, Sustainable Living Festival (Melbourne, Australia, March 2015)
Simran co-presented with The Wheeler Centre at Australia’s largest sustainable living festival sponsored by the Sustainable Living Foundation. Watch her presentation here.

Moderator, Global Landscapes Forum (Lima, Peru, December 2014)
Moderator for “Landscapes for climate and development,” a high-level opening plenary on the second day of the Forum. Watch Simran’s opening remarks here, and watch the plenary discussion here. 

Host/Presenter, The Tech Awards 2014 Gala (San Jose, CA, November 2014)
On Thursday evening, November 13, 2014, 1,300 Silicon Valley leaders gathered at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center for the 14th annual gala of The Tech Awards.

Plenary Speaker, Faith, Reason and World Affairs Symposium (Moorhead, MN, September 2014)
Presented “Our Green Brains: Engaging the Unengaged and Living Sustainably” at Concordia College.

Keynote, APGA Annual Conference (Denver, CO, June 2014)
Keynoted American Public Gardens Association conference on everyday magic. Presentation about “Endangered Foods – Biodiversity Loss and the Slow Extinction of What We Grow & Eat.”

Keynote, GreenTech Amsterdam (Amsterdam, the Netherlands, June 2014)
Keynote about seeds, agricultural biodiversity and how to feed our growing population.

Speaker, Navneet Joshi Memorial Lecture (Chandigarh, India, May 2014)
Simran addressed the second Navneet Joshi Memorial Lecture on “The Truth (and Falsehood) Around Food Insecurity” with Devinder Sharma, International Food Analyst along with Vineet Joshi, Assistant Media Advisor (Govt. of Punjab), and Saurabh Joshi, Councillor, at Press Club Chandigarh.

Moderator, Forests Asia Summit 2014 (Jakarta, Indonesia, May 2014)
Invited moderator for “Forest landscapes for food and biodiversity,” a panel discussion that explored ways to manage resources for improved nutritional, social, economic and environmental outcomes in areas where farming, forestry and other productive land uses compete with sustainability and biodiversity goals.

Keynote, University of Southampton’s Interdisciplinary Research Week (Southampton, England, March 2014)
Presentation about “Endangered Foods: The Loss of Agricultural Biodiversity and Slow Extinction of What We Grow and Eat.” Click here for the full program.

Speaker, An Evening with Simran Sethi (Abbotsford, Australia, December 2013)
Presentation on “Seeds: Sovereignty & Sanctity, Resistance & Resilience.”

Panelist, Festival of Dangerous Ideas (Sydney, Australia, November 2013)
Panelist for “Stories Matter More Than Facts” with Kirby Ferguson and Evgeny Morozov. Simran also chaired the Q&A with Vandana Shiva.

Speaker, Adelaide Festival of Ideas (Adelaide, Australia, October 2013)
Simran presented “Endangered Food: Biodiversity Loss and the Slow Extinction of Our Food” and “Has Global Warming Melted Our Brains?”

Presenter, The OASES Saturday Breakfast Series (Hawthorn, Australia, October 2013)
Presentation on “Sustainable Eating – Is It Possible?,” detailing how to feed – sustainably – the more than 7 billion people in our world.

Presenter, Queen’s College (Melbourne, Australia, October 2013)
Presentation on “How Design Can Save the Planet.”

Speaker, Festival of Ideas (Melbourne, Australia, October 2013)
Presentation about social justice and sustainability implications of feeding a hungry planet. Watch the video here (starts at 42:36).

Presenter, Dean’s Lecture Series: Simran Sethi – TEDx speaker and Sugden Fellow 2013 (Melbourne, Australia, September 2013)
Presentation on “Endangered foods: the erosion of what and how we eat” about the slow loss of biodiversity and solutions that are innovative, compelling and delicious.

Speaker, Sustainable Foods Summit (Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 2013)
Presenter on psychological barriers to responsible consumption at largest healthy foods conference in Europe. Watch Simran’s brief interview on storytelling and shifts in consumer behavior here.

Speaker, St. Catherine University (St. Paul, MN, March 2013)
Presentation addressed “Women’s Work: The Role of Women in Sustainability.”

Speaker, GreenBiz Forum (San Francisco, CA, February 2013)
Presentation addressed the green brain.

Presenter, TEDx Manhattan (New York City, NY, February 2013)
Presented at TEDx conference dedicated to food and farming. Talk focused on the loss of seed biodiversity and need for in situ and on farm conservation.

Guest Lecturer, SALT (Istanbul, Turkey, November 2012)
Presentation on role of memory and narrative in cultural preservation of agricultural biodiversity.

Keynote, Kagider Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit (Istanbul, Turkey, November 2012)
Keynote on the “gendered” brain and the unique value of women in sustainability.

Guest Speaker, James Beard Foundation Food Conference (New York City, NY, October 2012)
Presentation on farmer empowerment and use of underutilized species in fine dining.

Presenter, TEDx Plaza Cibeles (Madrid, Spain, June 2012)
Presentation on “Why and how do we engage?” about the role of psychology in social and environmental change. Also, watch the interviews with Vodafone and BBVA Innovation Center.

Presenter, Kagider Women’s Association (Istanbul, Turkey, May 2012)
Presented to largest women’s network in Turkey on the role of women in social entrepreneurship.

Speaker, The Shift Network (San Francisco, CA, April 2012)
Presented on psychological barriers to environmental engagement.

Presenter, International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology and Design (Istanbul, Turkey, May 2012)
Presentation on research about the participatory journalism website Cowbird, the development of new communications paradigm and the exploration of the interpersonal dynamics and socio-structural changes fostered through the networked interactions as a reflection of the (Marshall) McLuhan Equation.

Presenter and Organizer, Sowing and Reaping: Christian Perspectives on Food and Agriculture (Lawrence, KS, April 2012)
Creator of and presenter at full-day conference looking at Christian perspectives on transgenic seeds, soil, farming, gleaning, farmworkers’ rights, healthy food access, nutrition, climate change and hunger. Watch Simran’s presentation on “First the Seed: GMOs, Life-Affirmation and Fruitfulness” here.

Keynote, University of Kansas Energy Conference (Lawrence, KS, April 2012)
Presentation on fuel poverty and energy justice: the economic and social justice implications of energy access.

Presenter, First the Seed – The Intersection of GMOs and Faith, University of California-Berkeley (Berkeley, CA, March 2012)
Presentation on Genetically Modified Organisms and their relationship to faith tenets of life-affirmation and fruitfulness.

Speaker, Citizens Rally for Occupy Food Justice (New York, NY, January 2012)
Presented to activists in Foley Square rallying in support of farmers in OSGATA V. Monsanto lawsuit.

Presenter, International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada, January 2012)
Presentation on the ways in which the U.S. Department of Defense’s expanded definition of return on investment creates new frameworks of sustainability engagement and communication.

Moderator, Columbia University Social Media Weekend (New York, NY, January 2012)
Moderated panel on social TV featuring New York Times reporter Brian Stelter and Bluefin Labs Vice-President Jack Flanagan.

Presenter, Interdisciplinary Food Studies Conference, University of Nevada (Las Vegas, NV, December 2011)
Presentation on the intersection of Genetically Engineered (GE) food and faith, detailing how spirituality can bridge political divides and forge engagement on seed sovereignty and food justice.

Organizer, Digital Diversity Summit, University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS, December 2011)
Professor of Diversity in Media course at KU that curated summit on “Telling Stories of Diversity in the Digital Age” with the Online News Association.

Keynote, Opportunity Green (Los Angeles, CA, November 2011)
Interviewer of Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin for opening keynote at Opportunity Green in which discussed role of government in advancing sustainability

Co-Presenter, Teachable Moments: Sensitizing Faculty and Students to Privacy Issues in an Era of Show and Tell, Center for Teaching Excellence, University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS November 2011)
Co-presented, with KU Director of Privacy Jane Rosenthal and KU Assistant Dean of Libraries Jennifer Church-Duran, on implications of social media on FERPA, academic freedom and student expression.

Moderator, GreenGov Symposium (Washington DC, October 2011)
Moderator of opening plenary at White House symposium on sustainability.

Presenter, WiserEarth Tuesday (Paris, France, October 2011)
Guest speaker on psychological barriers to environmental engagement at WiserEarth gathering for professionals interested in technology, environmentalism, and social justice.

Moderator, Slow Money National Gathering (San Francisco, CA, October 2011)
Moderator of slow investment panel with founder Matt Flannery, Land institute Executive Director Wes Jackson, farmer Paul Muller, and investment advisors Leslie Christian and Tom Steyer.

Presenter, God, Guns and Greens – Forging Unlikely Alliances in the Fight for Safe Food, SXSW ECO (Austin, TX, September 2011)
Presenter at inaugural South by Southwest event dedicated to environmentalism. Discussed the role of faith in the fight for food access and justice.

Host/Organizer/Moderator, The Arc of Justice – The Incarceration (and Exoneration) of Darryl Hunt, University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS, September 2011)
Organizer of presentation with criminal justice activist Darryl Hunt and Imam Khalid Griggs. Event co-sponsored by the KU School of Law, KU School of Social Welfare, Department of African and African-American Studies, Ecumenical Campus Ministry, and Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty.

Keynote, Christian Scholars’ Conference, Pepperdine University (Malibu, CA, June 2011)
Keynote presentation on the intersection of faith tenets and opposition to Genetically Modified Organisms. Additional keynotes at conference included Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and theologian Ted Peters.

Guest Speaker, Van-Go (Lawrence, KS, June 2011)
Invited speaker for youth summer program on social justice and arts enterprise. Discussed food insecurity and its intersection with obesity.

Moderator, Clinton Global Initiative University (San Diego, CA, April 2011)
Moderator of “The Urban Planet” plenary panel at CGI-U featuring Van Jones, Chinese Urban Planning Secretary Shi Nan, and Jose Reyes Ferriz, former mayor of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. (Simran is introduced at 13:25.)

Keynote, The Next Course (Shanghai, China, March 2011)
Sustainability keynote for Starwood group’s Asian hospitality conference.

Keynote, Women’s History / Earth Day Commemoration, Longwood University (Farmville, VA, March 2011)
Keynote presentation on eco-feminism and grassroots activism. Simran featured on page 78.

Host, Kansas City Design Week – FEED the City, Kansas City Design Alliance (Kansas City, MO, February 2011)
Host and guest judge for collaborative design event dedicated to increasing water efficiency for the Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture.

Participant, The Montara Circle (Montara, CA, February 2011)
Invited participant to private session on enterprise development for anti-trafficking non-profit Not For Sale. (Simran featured on page 16)

Keynote, Our Neighborhoods are Killing Us, Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC, November 2010)
Keynote with Bennett College President Julianne Malveaux on environmental racism and justice.

Presenter, 140 Character Smalltown Conference (Hutchinson, KS, October 2010)
Presenter on teaching social media to journalists at first rural Twitter conference.

Keynote, Distinguished Speakers Series, University of Texas Pan-American (Edinburg, TX, September 2010)
Speaker selected to launch 2010-2011 speaker series. Other speakers in series have included Mikhail Gorbachev, Robert Kennedy, Steve Wozniak and Maya Angelou.

Presenter, Healthy House Institute (Boise, ID, September 2010)
Virtual presenter on indoor air pollution and reduction of toxins for HHI series on healthy homes.

Keynote, BlogHer (New York, NY, August 2010)
Keynote at largest women blogger conference in the world. Co-presented with Gloria Feldt, activist and author, and Marie Wilson, founder of The White House Project.

Presenter, Center for Teaching Excellence Teaching Summit, University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS, August 2010)
Presenter on applied scholarship and use of social media in the classroom and field.

Participant, The Darker Side of Green Climate Debate (Los Angeles, CA, July 2010)
Debate participant on climate change moderated by Saturday Night Live comedian Andy Samberg.

Lead Faculty, Executive Master Class, Presidio Graduate School (San Francisco, CA, June 2010)
Lead faculty during final session of spring executive certification program focusing on models of social justice in sustainable business.

Presenter, Social Media and Social Activism, Poynter Institute Sense-Making Project (St. Petersburg, FL, May 2010)
Presenter at conference focused on the ethics and values emerging from new media. The Sense-Making Project is an initiative launched with Ford Foundation to help citizens make sense of the changing news environment.

Special Guest, The Three Ps: People, Planet, Profit, Lorry Lokey Graduate School of Business, Mills College (Oakland, CA, April 2010)
Featured presenter detailing general definitions of sustainability and explaining why it is a valuable strategy for companies.

Presenter, Conversation as Activism, National Service Learning Conference (San Jose, CA, March 2010)
Co-presenter with Amanda Schwegler, KU Associate Director of Service Learning, on advocacy journalism and the use of social media in service-learning education. (Simran featured on page 71)

Keynote, Sustainability and Resource Management in Golf (San Diego, CA, February 2010)
Keynote at national Golf Course Superintendents Association of America Educational Conference and Trade Show.

Keynote, Provost’s Lecture Series: Going Green from the Black Perspective – The Significance of Environmental Issues in the Black Community, State University of New York—Stonybrook (Stonybrook, NY, February 2010)
Presentation on media portrayals and public perceptions of environmental action in low-income communities of color and the need to highlight environmental racism and environmental justice in environmental reportage.

Keynote, Sustainability in Action (Wichita, KS, January 2010)
Keynote at State of Kansas Regional Energy Conference highlighting ways in which consumers and businesses can more effectively manage natural and financial capital.

Presenter, You Can’t Miss What You Don’t Know, Biophilia and Biophobia (Topeka, KS, January 2010)
Presenter at State of Kansas Recreation and Park Association annual conference.

Lecturer, Green Faith, Pepperdine University (Malibu, CA, November 2009)
Virtual lecture on environmental stewardship and Biblical mandates of creation care in Christianity, Ecology and Public Policy class at Pepperdine University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Participant, Ford Foundation and Paley Center for Media Digital Media Summit, American University (Washington, DC, November 2009)
Roundtable participant on the role of public media in sustainable systems design at the Center for Social Media at American University.

Keynote, Environmental Pedagogy, Kansas Environmental Education Conference (Lawrence, KS, November 2009)
Keynote on engaged student learning on the environment for Kansas Association for the Conservation and Environmental Education state conference.

Keynote, Student Engagement in Sustainability, People to People International Global Youth Forum (Arlington, VA, November 2009)
Keynote on sustainability and the role students play on forging a more equitable future for the world.

Presenter, Sustainability, Activism and Leadership, University of Houston – Downtown (Houston, TX, October 2009)
Presentation to student leadership and faculty at University of Houston-Downtown focusing on the role of colleges in forging a more sustainable future.

Keynote, KAEE Annual Conference (Lawrence, KS, October 2009)
Keynote on environmental education and student engagement at the Kansas Association for Environmental Education Annual Conference.

Presenter, Sustainability and Resource Management in Golf (Kansas City, MO, October 2009)
Presenter on dwindling attendance in state and national parks and opportunities to encourage greater stakeholder engagement at national delegates meeting of Golf Course Superintendents Association of America.

Moderator, Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative (Boston, MA, September 2009)
Moderator of panel and live webcast on environmental challenges of palm oil extraction and sustainable ways to harvest the plant featuring Leila Salazar-Lopez, Agribusiness Campaign Director of the Rainforest Action Network, human rights activist Matilda Pilacapio, Seventh Generation Chairman Jeffrey Hollander and Senior Global Vice President of Purchasing, Distribution and Marketing at Whole Foods Market Michael Besancon.

Presenter, City of Lawrence Community Cooperation Committee (Lawrence, KS, September 2009)
Presented information on my JOUR500 course on homelessness advocacy and detailed ways to better promote social advocacy about homelessness to stakeholder group in Lawrence.

Keynote, Green Heroes, University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA, September 2009)
Premiere keynote in series on student activism and sustainability for incoming freshman class.

Faculty in Residence, Institute on Sustainability, Harvard University (Cambridge, MA, June 2009)
Keynote and working group leader at American College Personnel Association’s Institute on Sustainability. The goal of the institute was to create an understanding, framework and actionable goals and tasks that faculty and college personnel can take back to their campuses and integrate into the core of their institutions.

Presenter, Sustainable Messaging, Professional Edge Series, University of Kansas, Edwards Campus (Overland Park, KS, May 2009)
Featured presenter in series designed to support community, economic and workforce development needs. The focus of this presentation was effective ways to tell stories about sustainable enterprise.

Lecturer, Climate Justice, National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training C-CHANGE (Climate Change, Humans, and Nature in the Global Environment) Program, University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS, May 2009)
Presenter in IGERT C-CHANGE lecture series, addressing the disproportionate burdens of climate change on low-income communities and communities of color.

Lecturer, Sustainable Design, Hallmark Symposium on Design, University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS, March 2009)
Lectured on sustainable design—from industrial design to urban planning—and the ways in which design can restore the environment and address some of our most pressing social problems as part of Hallmark Symposium on Design.

Keynote, Environmental Justice, Tennessee Technical University (Cookeville, TN, March 2009)
Keynote at Tennessee Tech University Women’s Center Women’s History Month celebration, titled “Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet.” The presentation focused on working together across class and cultural barriers to advance sustainable, equitable access to and participation in our natural world.

Keynote, American College Personnel Association Annual Convention (Washington, DC, March 2009)
Presented keynote on environmental justice and expanding the environmental conversation.

Keynote, Hallmark Trend Week (Kansas City, MO, February 2009)
Presented on the various ways sustainability affects our lives within a 200-mile radius.

Presenter, Environmental Journalism, Smith College (Northampton, MA, February 2009)
Featured presenter to sociology department and general college as part of Rally Day celebration, on “Fighting the Good Fight (Making a Life After Smith).”

Lecturer, Environmental Communications, Pepperdine University (Malibu, CA, February 2009)
Virtual lecturer in Chris Doran’s Environmental Policy capstone class at Pepperdine University’s School of Public Policy. The lecture addressed environmental justice, as well as effective means of measuring and communicating sustainability to politicians and the general public.

Panelist, The Commonwealth Club (San Francisco, CA, December 2008)
Panelist at the Commonwealth Club of California (the nation’s oldest and largest public affairs forum) discussion “Bio-Debatable: Busting Through the Clutter of Eco Messages.”

Panelist, Investor’s Circle Fall Conference (Boston, MA, November 2008)
Panelist alongside Jurriaan Kamp, founder of Ode Magazine and Ben Goldhirsh, founder of Good Magazine. Addressed the changing shape of media in the wake of social networking, e-commerce and mobile applications, as well as the emergence of mission-oriented media as a viable business model in supporting social entrepreneurship.

Moderator, Bioneers by the Bay (New Bedford, MA, October 2008)
Moderator of conversation with Van Jones and Majora Carter at Bioneers by the Bay annual gathering of environmental, industry and social justice innovators. Watch the conversation here.

Keynote, NAAEE Annual Conference (Wichita, KS, October 2008)
Keynote at the North American Association for Environmental Education conference, detailing effective ways to bring the “outside in” and make environmental issues accessible, engaging and actionable for students.

Moderator, A Conversation About Children and Chemicals (Boston, MA, October 2008)
Moderated a discussion on the impact of chemicals on childhood development as part of Seventh Generation’s “Show the World What’s Inside” campaign. The conversation was held at the Boston Children’s Museum and featured Jane Houlihan, Vice President of Research at the Environmental Working Group, pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene and Courtney Loveman of Seventh Generation.

Panelist, Ed Rendell’s Pennsylvania Women’s Conference (Philadelphia, PA, October 2008)
Participated in the panel “Easy to be Green?” at the Pennsylvania Governor’s Conference for Women, hosted by Governor Edward G. Rendell and the Pennsylvania Commission for Women. The panel was moderated by Anne Crowley, Outreach Coordinator for the Audubon Society, and included Kathleen McGinty, the first woman to head the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Lecturer, Sustainable Business, Lipscomb University (Nashville, TN, October 2008)
Virtual lecturer on sustainable business in David Clark’s Sustainable Enterprise class at Lipscomb University’s Institute for Sustainable Practice.

Presenter, Interdependence Project (New York, NY, August 2008)
Presented, as part of the Interdependence Project’s “Sit Down, Rise Up” lecture series, on the environmental justice efforts of grassroots organizations throughout the U.S. The Interdependence Project is a non-profit organization that focuses on ways to extend the principles of mindfulness and meditation into the world via activism, the arts, media and community service.

Presenter, NASULGC Conference (Monterey, CA, July 2008)
Lectured with University of Kansas Provost Richard Lariviere and KU Visiting Artist-in-Residence Stacey Fox on social networking at NASULGC—the nation’s largest highest education organization (now the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities—APLU). The 2008 conference focused on the theme “Navigating a Climate of Change.”

Keynote, Governor Sebelius’ Green Team Commemoration (Topeka, KS, July 2008)
Keynoted the inaugural gathering of Governor Kathleen Sebelius’ Green Team at the State Capitol.

Moderator, LOHAS Forum (Boulder, CO, June 2008)
Moderated a panel with Michael Besancon, Senior Global Vice President of Purchasing, Distribution and Marketing for Whole Foods, and Rand Waddoups, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy and Sustainability for Wal-Mart, discussing the two companies’ environmental initiatives and how sustainability is and should be measured within national corporations.

Presenter, LOHAS Forum (Boulder, CO, June 2008)
Presented with Bryan Welch, Publisher and General Manager of Ogden Publications, on “The Future of Green Media,” discussing how to successfully engage people in authentic environmental and social justice conversations beyond sound bytes and media spin.

Moderator, Climate Group “Together” Campaign Launch (New York, NY, June 2008)
Participated in the launch of the Climate Group’s “Together” campaign alongside U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. As moderator of the event’s press conference, focused the conversation on the necessity of uniting key change-makers and everyday citizens in climate action.

Keynote, Student Conservation Association (Washington, DC, April 2008)
Delivered keynote lecture at the Student Conservation Association’s “EarthVision” Earth Day Conference, which engaged more than 500 student leaders in a collaborative effort with environmental authorities, elected officials, land management professionals, top scientists and others to craft action-oriented strategies to protect the planet. Watch Simran’s challenge to young people here.

Moderator, AIGA Greensburg Fundraiser and GreenTown Salon (Kansas City, KS, April 2008)
Moderated conversation with Greensburg GreenTown co-founder and executive director Daniel Wallach and BNIM Architects Project Planner Stephen Hardy at the GreenTown Benefit sponsored by the Kansas City AIGA. The discussion focused on how people from different backgrounds came together under a common agenda to build a stronger community. The event was filmed and featured as part of Sundance Channel’s “The Good Fight” series.

Moderator, Clinton Global Initiative University (New Orleans, LA, March 2008)
Moderated panel discussion at the first Clinton Global Initiative University, focusing on “Building the Groundswell for Change.” The panel included Laurie David, producer of An Inconvenient Truth, Michelle Moore of the U.S. Green Building Council and Adam Werbach, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi S.

Panelist, Green Women in Design (Kansas City, MO, March 2008)
Panelist at American Institute of Architects (AIA) Women and the Environment event, organized by Kira Gould, author of Women in Green, a leading text on feminism and design. Spoke about the need for environmental justice within the field of architecture. (Simran featured on page 12)

Moderator, Society for Ethical Culture (New York, NY, February 2008)
Moderated and assembled panel exploring race marginalization within the environmental movement and how communities of color are disengaged from the larger environmental dialogue affecting their lives. The panel was filmed and featured as part of Sundance Channel’s “The Good Fight” series.

Presenter, National Association of Independent Schools Conference (New York, NY, February 2008)
Lectured at the NAIS annual conference, emphasizing need for environmental literacy in education. Screened segments from Sundance documentary series “Big Ideas for a Small Planet.

Lecturer, Environmental Justice, Haskell Indian Nations University (Lawrence, KS, February 2008)
Lecturer on environmental justice in Bridget Chapin’s Environmental Policy class.

Keynote, Coop America Green Business Conference (San Francisco, CA, November 2007)
Lectured at the Coop America Green Business Conference, urging attendees to help the media tell more complex and nuanced business stories.

Panelist, Maria Shriver’s California Women’s Conference (Long Beach, CA, October 2007)
Panelist at the Women’s Conference, organized by Maria Shriver and the State of California. Spoke about environmental engagement alongside Terry Tamminen, director of the California EPA.

Keynote, Bioneers by the Bay (New Bedford, MA, October 2007)
Delivered keynote on the role of the media to empower and assist everyday citizens to forge democracy and create social and environmental justice and about consumers’ responsibility to think critically and hold media accountable.

Interviewer, Al Gore Live Earth for MSN (New York, NY, July 2007)
Interviewed former Vice President Al Gore for live streaming event on Discussed ways in which citizens could engage authentically in environmental action.

Keynote, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (Berkeley, CA, June 2007)
Presented on the importance of communication about local economies and provided tools for implementation of sustainability messaging.

Plenary Speaker, CERES Conference (Boston, MA, April 2007)
Participated in plenary at the CERES Conference, devoted to “Investors and Environmentalists for Sustainable Prosperity.” Presented alongside Jared Duval of the Sierra Student Coalition, Pete Griffin from ThinkMTV and Paul Gorman of the National Religious Partnership for the Environment on the challenges and possibilities for getting mainstream Americans mobilized around climate change.