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December 3: Presentation on “Save by Savoring: How Diverse Culinary Histories Can Help Sustain Agrobiodiversity” for El Simposio Internacional de Recursos Genéticos para las Américas y el Caribe (SIRGEAC) (International Symposium on Genetic Resources for the Americas and Caribbean Region – SIRGEAC; virtual)



November 6: Speaker for Global Landscapes Forum session “Into the Wild: Climate Resilient Crops for a Drier, Hotter World” (virtual)

November 15-18: Keynote for the 2nd International Agrobiodiversity Congress (virtual)

November 23: Lecture for College of Charleston course “Biology of Food” (virtual)


October 9: Panelist for VICE Creators Summit: Common Ground panel “Food and the Future of our Plates” (virtual)

MAY 2021

May 31: Presentation on “Sustaining Biodiversity by Savoring” for The Center for the Arts (virtual)

APRIL 2021

April 15: Presentation on “Seed, Weed, Bloom: Cultivating a Wild and Precious Life” for the Smith College 2021 Elizabeth Miller Lecture Series (virtual)


November 21: Presentation at Seedscapes: Future-Proofing Nature online symposium, hosted by Impressions Gallery in Bradford, UK (virtual)


September 24: Presentation on “SAVE/SAVOR: How Our Choice of Chocolate Impacts Biodiversity and Social Justice” and guided tasting hosted by MOFAD (virtual)

MAY 2020

May 28: Panelist during the Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences’ “Around Nature” Discussion Series:
The Taste of Nature (virtual)


February 25: Keynote speaker on “Genetic Diversity from Farm to Plate” at the 2020 Svalbard Seed Summit (Svalbard, Norway)


October 6: Panelist during “We are made of earth” at the Internazionale a Ferrara (Ferrara, Italy)

APRIL 2019

April 4: Keynote at the CHCA Food Symposium (Cincinnati, OH)


February 20-24Chocoa 2019 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
February 21: Moderator for “The bitter and the sweet: Desmystifying Africa” and “Panel: Tree to bar: The future of Venezuelan cacao and chocolate” panel discussions
February 22: Presentation on “Save by Savoring: How chocolate can be a vehicle for transformation”
February 23: “Save by Savoring: How chocolate can be a vehicle for transformation” guided tasting and “Preserving What’s Precious: Why Cocoa and Chocolate are Thriving Through Venezuela’s Crisis” presentation and guided tasting

JULY 2018

July 25-28: Keynote on cheese and culture at the American Cheese Society Conference “Forged in Cheese,” and panel with Gordon Edgar, Francis Percival and Bronwen Percival on real cheese and the fight for biodiversity in food (Pittsburgh, PA)

JUNE 2018

June 4: Keynote on “Food Forward: Embracing the changing landscape of food” at Tastes of the World Chef Culinary Conference at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst, MA)

MAY 2018

May 2: “The Craft Chocolate Revolution” tasting and presentation with Cocoa Runners co-founder Spencer Hyman at the London Gastronomy Seminar (Prufrock, UK)
May 14: Presentation on “Tasting Terroir: Discovering the Story—and Flavour—Behind Chocolate” at the Dublin Institute of Technology School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology (Dublin, Ireland)
May 18: Instructor for “Guided by the Senses – Food Writing” course at the School of Artisan Food (Nottinghamshire, UK)
May 19-20: Presenter on chocolate and social change at Food for Thought 2018 at the School of Artisan Food (Nottinghamshire, UK)
May 25: Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love presentation during Social Cohesion Days (Reggio Emilia, Italy)
May 26: “Civil Society as a Manifesto of Social Cohesion” dialogue special guest during Social Cohesion Days (Reggio Emilia, Italy)

APRIL 2018

April 11: Presentation on chocolate and sustainability and guided tasting at Cascadia College (Bothell, WA)
April 23-24: Moderator for panel “Sustainable Production, Prosperous Farmers and Thriving Communities” at the World Cocoa Conference (Berlin, Germany)

MARCH 2018

March 3: Community reading and chocolate tasting with Camino Bakery, Brasstown Craft Chocolate and Escazu Artisan Chocolates at West End Mill Works (Winston-Salem, NC)
March 8: Panelist for International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) book launch of The Cocoa Coast: The Board-managed cocoa sector in Ghana with author Shashidhara Kolavalli; Bill Guyton, founder of Guyton Strategies International; ​and ​Ghanaian ambassador, His Excellency Dr. Barfuor Adjei-Barwuah (Washington, DC)
March 15-16: Judge for chocolate categories at the 2018 sofi Awards (New York City, NY)
March 20: “Inspiration from the Outside: Re-envisioning Our Second Skin” keynote and dialogue on “From Line to Circle: Creating a Resilient, Regenerative Fashion Industry” at Camera della Moda (Milan, Italy)


February 13: “Save by Savoring: Chocolate as a Vehicle for Social Change” presentation and guided chocolate tasting at Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC)
February 22-24: Presentation on climate change and chocolate at the International Food Journalism Festival (Torino, Italy)


November 10: Henrietta Louis Symposium keynote at the University of Utah School of Architecture (Salt Lake City, UT)
November 15: Keynote on sustainable agriculture in dairy during DanoneWave’s annual forum (Arlington, Texas)


September 16-17: Presentations during Slow Food’s Cheese 2017 conference’s “Raw in the USA,” on how United States raw milk cheese producers have created a movement with a decennial history, and “Il latte dei migranti (Migrants’ milk),” on how migrant flows are redrawing the social fabric of the Italian countryside by coming from abroad to work with milk cows (Bra, Italy)

JULY 2017

July 2: “The World on Your Plate” presentation at UlisseFest (Bergamo, Italy)
July 15: Slow Food Nations: “Save by Savoring: Exploring the Terroir of Chocolate” presentation (Denver, CO)
July 16: Slow Food Nations: “Like Water and Chocolate: A Future of Abundance” presentation with John Coykendall and Davia Nelson (Denver, CO)
July 18: Chocolate tasting and presentation at The Preservery (Denver, CO)

JUNE 2017

June 3: “Good Pig, Bad Pig: The Impacts of Pig Farming in North Carolina” presentation at Camp Bacon (Ann Arbor, MI)
June 5: Chocolate tasting and reading of Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love at Zingerman’s Deli (Ann Arbor, MI)
June 7: Presentation “On Engagement” at Zingtrain (Ann Arbor, MI)
June 7: Virtual book club presentation for the Inland Northwest Food Network’s Food for Thought Book Club (Coeur d’Alene, ID) 
June 19: Presentation of Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love at Grani Futuri at Convento di San Matteo (Puglia, Italy)

MAY 2017

May 6: “An Afternoon of Bread and Chocolate” with the Smith College Club of Colorado at Hinman’s Bakery (Denver, CO)
May 16-25: Book tour for Italian release of Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love
May 16: Literary Tuesdays at Casinò di Sanremo (Sanremo)
May 17: Libreria Ubik (Savona)
May 18: University of Gastronomic Sciences (Pollenzo, CN)
May 18: Libreria all’Arco (Reggio Emilia)
May 19: Slow Food Editore’s party at Salone del Libro (Turin)
May 20: Salone del Libro with Carlo Petrini and Stefano Liberti (Turin)
May 22: Biodiversity Day: Talk with Oscar Farinetti at Eataly Smeraldo (Milan)
May 23: Mondadori Megastore (Milan)
May 24: Lab 174 (Rome)
May 25: Libreria Ubik (Frosinone)

APRIL 2017

April 21: “The Wild Table: Saving Foods by Savoring” presentation at Smithsonian Earth Optimism Summit (Washington, DC)

MARCH 2017

March 16-17: Judging for the Specialty Food Association’s sofi Awards (New York, NY)
March 1: Bread, Wine, Chocolate reading and chocolate tasting at The Tattered Cover (in Historic LoDo) (Denver, CO)


February 13: “Whiskey & Chocolate: A sensory exploration of diverse grains and cacao” presentation and tasting at Laws Whiskey (Denver, CO)


January 27: Launch of The Slow Melt podcast on all things chocolate. Hosted, written and created by Simran Sethi.


December 2: Presentation “On the Emotional Geography of Biodiversity” at Eden Hall Campus, Chatham University (Pittsburgh, PA)
December 7: “Reading at the Table” virtual reading group with Slow Food Southern Arizona (Tucson, AZ)
December 8: Virtual guest lecture for Dr. Gorski’s Applied Microbiology course (Philadelphia, PA)
December 12: Chocolate discussion and drinking chocolate tasting at the Lawrence Public Library (Lawrence, KS)


November 10: UBC Reads Sustainability talk on “Saving by Savoring” at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada)
November 12: Keynote on “The Art of Food Writing” at the Northwest Chocolate Festival (Seattle, WA)
November 13: “The Slow Melt: How to Savor Chocolate” presentation and chocolate tasting at the Northwest Chocolate Festival (Seattle, WA)


October 9-16: Writer in Residence at La Pitchoune, Julia Child’s Summer Home (Provence, France)
October 17: “Where Trend Meets Transformation” presentation at The James Beard Foundation Food Conference  (New York, NY)
October 18: Bread, Wine, Chocolate presentation and book signing at The Commonwealth Club (San Francisco, CA)
October 26: “Bread, Wine, Chocolate: Saving and Savoring Our Favorite Endangered Foods” talk and cider tasting at Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)
October 27: “How do you tell your own stories?” community writing circle with cider and bread tasting at Finger Lakes Cider House at Good Life Farm (Interlaken, NY)
October 27: “How to plan your food journey” fireside chat at Firelight Camps (Interlaken, NY)


August 11: Book reading and chocolate tasting at The Raven Book Store (Lawrence, KS)

JUNE 2016

June 2: “Savoring to Save” guided tasting and deep exploration of cacao from Ecuador, and talk on the importance of ex situ and in situ conservation, during Pennsylvania State College Frontiers in Science and Technology for Cacao Quality, Productivity and Sustainability conference (State College, PA)
June 4: “Saving Foods by Savoring Them” presentation at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival (Atlanta, GA)

MAY 2016

May 2: “To Savor and Save” reading and tasting at The Carriage House, hosted by Edible Baja Arizona (Tucson, AZ)
May 4: Book reading/signing and tasting with Ritual Chocolate in conjunction with Chocolate: The Exhibition at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (Denver, CO)
May 5: Women for Delicious Beer reading and beer tasting at Declaration Brewing (Denver, CO)
May 23: Moderator for Solidaridad Women in Cocoa and Chocolate Networking Event (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic)
May 25: Moderator during World Cocoa Conference panels “Stimulating Innovation in Cocoa Post-harvesting Methods for Quality Chocolate” and “The Future of Chocolate in a Challenging Economic Environment” (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic)

APRIL 2016

April 1: Book reading and chocolate tasting featuring Domori chocolate at the New York Open Center (New York, NY)
April 5: Book reading/signing and Somerville Chocolate tasting with Eric Parkes, sponsored by the Food Literacy Project, at the Harvard University COOP (Cambridge, MA)
April 6: Book reading/signing and beer tasting at Aeronaut Brewing (Somerville, MA)
April 10: Book signing and tasting with Alexandra Leaf at the 92Y Chocolate Fest (New York, NY)
April 12: Keynote at the 7th Annual Chefs Collaborative Summit (New York, NY)
April 13: “Saving by Savoring: The Delicious Reclamation of Foods We Love” webinar hosted by Food Tank
April 15: Presentation on “Savoring to Save” and Fruition Chocolate tasting at Glynwood (Cold Spring, NY)
April 18: Book reading/signing and tasting with Potomac Chocolate at i Ricchi (Washington, DC)
April 20: Moderator for the 2016 Food Tank Summit panel “Nourishing the Planet” at American University (Washington, DC)
April 26: Book reading/signing and chocolate tasting for “Live From Prairie Lights” (Iowa City, IA)
April 27: Facilitator/moderator for panel discussion “Hog Farming, Sustainability, and a Tale of Delicious Bacon,” featuring Paul Willis and David Osterberg, at the Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA)
April 28: Telling Stories of Science presentation at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA)

MARCH 2016

March 6-8: Presentation at the G3 Connects conference (Sonoma, CA)
March 9: Wine event: From grower to maker featuring Peter Fanucchi and Caleb Taft at Healdsburg SHED (Healdsburg, CA)
March 10: Book signing and Trousseau Gris wine tasting at Arlequin Wine Merchant (San Francisco, CA)
March 11: Soil to Soul Supper with JUSTUS Kitchen at Guerilla Cafe (Berkeley, CA)
March 19: Book reading/signing at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte (Charlotte, NC)
March 20: “Feast on Your Life” service at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte with Reverend Jay Leach (Charlotte, NC)
March 30: “Saving Fish by Eating Them” Chef Power Hour with Chefs Collaborative (virtual)


February 6: Beer School presentation at Foothills Brewing (Winston-Salem, NC)
February 16: Moderator for Columbia University’s Awakening Our Democracy panel “Food Access, Security and Justice” (New York, NY)
February 26: Book Q&A with Deonna Kelli and tasting of NC chocolates at Scuppernong Books (Greensboro, NC)


January 5: Visit to Johnson & Wales University with Peter Reinhart (Charlotte, NC)
January 6: Book reading/signing at Park Road Books (Charlotte, NC)
January 7: Book reading/signing at Temple Emanuel, sponsored by Forsyth County Public Library (Winston-Salem, NC)
January 13: Book reading/signing and chocolate tasting with Clay Gordon at French Broad Chocolates (Asheville, NC)
January 14: Book reading/signing and bread tasting with David Marshall, Jennifer Lapidus, Tara Jensen and David Bauer at Malaprop’s Bookstore (Asheville, NC)
January 19: Keynote and book signing at the National Council for Science and Environment annual conference (Washington, DC)
January 21: Book reading/Domori chocolate tasting with the Smith College Club of Washington, D.C. (Washington, DC)