The Asian Psychedelic Collective (APC) is a space of support and belonging for Asians working in and with psychedelics. It was created out of a desire for culturally specific connection that we had not found in larger psychedelic spaces. We cherish the joy, healing, and transformation psychedelics can bring, and do not want anyone to feel isolated or othered in psychedelic experiences.

APC seeks to create what clinical psychologist Jenny Wang describes as “a place of acceptance, belonging, healing, and freedom.” The organization advocates for increased Asian representation across the psychedelic continuum: in clinical trials and research studies, practitioner trainings, and leadership positions across the movement. Asians are the largest population in the world, the fastest growing ethno-racial group in the United States, and very much a part of the psychedelic movement—from research and therapy to policy. As momentum and curiosity around psychedelics grows, so must our visibility. We seek to find strength and solidarity with one another as we help build bridges between the East and West, Global South and Global North, traditional knowledge systems and science, and our inner and outer experiences.

APC is a co-created, evolving space. Read more here.