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Simran Sethi started her television career at MTV News during college and joined the company following graduate studies in Urbino, Italy. After a prolific career in the United States—including production on the award-winning documentaries “Hate Rock,” “Sex in the 90’s” and “Help Not Wanted”—Simran was asked to produce and anchor the news for MTV Asia in Singapore, where she was lauded by her peers and the press for her commitment to issues ranging from environmentalism to political activism to drug abuse. She developed Voice for Choice, the first All-India Lok Sabha election coverage targeted at young voters, underwent an HIV test on-camera, distributed condoms in red-light districts to promote safer sex practices, and addressed experts on the AIDS pandemic as a guest of the International Conference on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Simran’s commitment to news for young people continued in her role as senior news correspondent and managing editor of MTV News India in Bombay, where she created the channel’s news programming for television and radio. She expanded the scope of her work through her own production company SHE TV, consulting for the BBC. She hosted Oxygen Media’s world music show Daily Remix. Simran later wrote and hosted PBS’ first national financial lifestyle show focusing on sustainable business, Ethical Markets.

Simran has contributed environmental segments to the Oprah Winfrey Show and has been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and Martha Stewart Show. She is the “eco-expert” on the syndicated green home makeover show The EcoZone Project and the former host of Voom HD Network’s social and environmental series Keep It Green on Equator HD. She was the host of PBS’s Natural Heroes program on Islandwood, a guest on Bravo’s Live Earth programming, and a commentator on the History Channel series Our Generation. And she oversaw, wrote and hosted all video content for Under her management, TreeHugger won the 2006 Vloggie for Best Green Vlog.

The founding host/ writer of Sundance Channel’s environmental programming The Green, Simran anchored the channel’s business interstitials EcoBiz, and was a commentator and former story consultant for the original series Big Ideas for a Small Planet, the 2007 winner of the Environmental Media Award for Best Documentary. She was a contributor for CNBC, and has appeared on MSNBC, Today, Nightly News with Brian Williams, and ABC Lateline in Australia. She is currently the host of the PBS QUEST series on science & sustainability.

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