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Simran Sethi co-created, oversaw, wrote and hosted weekly audio podcasts segments for, and was featured on Air America Radio’s environmental program “EcoTalk” in which she interviewed environmental luminaries including David Suzuki, Hunter Lovins and Paul Hawken.

Simran is the creator of the Sundance Channel web series The Good Fight, highlighting global environmental justice efforts. The series was selected as an Official Honoree in the News and Politics category of the 13th Annual Webby Awards. She also hosted a forum on global warming with Nobel Laureate Al Gore for and created an audio podcast series for Gore’s non-profit, The Alliance for Climate Protection.

Simran has appeared on the NPR programs “The Brian Lehrer Show” and “Up to Date,” and contributed segments to Martha Stewart Radio’s “Living Today with Kerry Nolan.” She interviewed activist Maude Barlow about the water commons for the SRI conference in the Rockies, and spoke about the green brain for Women of Green and the Shift Network podcasts. Recently, she has been interviewed on Vatican Radio and ABC in Australia.

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Adelaide Festival of Ideas:"Endangered Food: Biodiversity Loss and the Slow Extinction of Our Food" 

Lean Into Green Telesummit: "The Gendered Brain: Women’s Unique Value in Sustainability" (hosted by Genny LaMorgan)

Vatican Radio: "Faith and the Environment" interview with Linda Bordoni

St. Catherine University School of Business and Professional Studies: "Women’s Work: The Role of Women in Sustainability"

Stirring the Pot: “The Beginning of Food” (Peconic Public Radio, NPR affiliate - eastern Long Island & southern Connecticut)

SRI in the Rockies: "Protecting the Water Commons - Everyone’s Business" interview with Maude Barlow "How Faith Can Save the Environment" with Dr. Joel Hunter, author of A New Kind of Conservative  "Leading the Fight Against Lead" with Christine Cordero, of the Center for Environmental Health  "Planting the Seeds of Change" with Heather Flores, author of Food Not Lawns "The Hidden World of Water" with Tom Kostigen, author of The Green Blue Book

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Guest Host, Martha Stewart Radio Living Today (Sirius 112, XM 103)

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Spring of Sustainability: “Why Sustainability Isn’t Getting More Traction—and What We Can Do To Change It” (Click here to read Simran’s interview)

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